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Hall of Famers


ky-hofThe Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame is home to Kentucky‚Äôs greatest players and contributors. Membership is, quite simply, Kentucky golf’s highest honor. Those recognized within the Hall of Fame represent individuals who have positively impacted the game of golf on the grandest scale. Golfers, both professional and amateur, architects, journalists, innovators and teachers are among those celebrated within the Kentucky Golf Hall of Fame.

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Class of 2014Herb McGuire
Class of 2013James Kirchdorfer, Sr.Bruce Gray Walters
Class of 2012Dave BunnellRalph Landrum, PGACharles Vittitoe, PGA
Class of 2011Brown Cullen, Jr., PGATed Schulz
Class of 2010George CadleMary Lou Daniel CrockerEddie Tyree, PGA
Class of 2009Russ CochranMarvin LearBuck Blakenship
Class of 2008Ray OttmanBettie Lou Evans
Class of 2007Steve Flesch
Class of 2006Tommy Smith, PGABuddy Demling, PGA
Class of 2005Joan RizerThomas MusselmanHarcourt Kemp
Class of 2004Jack Ridge, PGADanny McQueen, PGA
Class of 2003Kenny Perry, PGA
Class of 2002Jack Freeman, PGADr. Dwight Barkley
Class of 2001Elmore JustH.L. Davis
Class of 2000none elected
Class of 1999Jodie MuddHarreld KirkpatrickDwight GahmMyra VanHoose Blackwelder
Class of 1998Gordon W. Leishman, PGADon FightmasterFrank Atkins
Class of 1997Irv OttmanGeorge HelmFred Allen
Class of 1996Bill MusselmanDr. Paul B. Hall
Class of 1995Ernie Schneider
Class of 1994Dr. A.J. Powell, Jr.Bill Meyer, Jr.Uncle Joe Dickson
Class of 1993none elected
Class of 1992Jim Osborne, PGAGene HilenLarry GilbertAnne Combs
Class of 1991Louise WilsonGene Sullivan, PGABetty Rowland ProbascoMarion Miley
Class of 1990Colonel Lee S. ReadJoe Lally, PGAPete Doll
Class of 1989Bobby Nichols, PGAGay BrewerFrank Beard, PGA
Class of 1988J.W. Janes
Class of 1987Al Atkins
Class of 1986John C. Owens
Class of 1985Jack Ryan, PGABill Kaiser
Class of 1984Judge John MarshallBobby Craigs